Cakes With Dietary Requirements

Organising a gelato Cake to suit all the dietary requirements at your party can sometimes be challenging. Here are Pure Gelato we have a way to make this process a little easier for you. Our online ordering system is clever enough to only allow you to choose from our extensive range of gelato flavours but you can also select only the flavours that meet the dietary requirements you want. It’s a match made in gelato heaven!

Choosing Children friendly flavours

Making this selection will ensure that you will only be able to choose flavours that are suited to the average child. This is especially useful for our famous gelato scoop cake with its many different flavours. Here we will remove flavours that contain alcohol extracts and flavours like coffee.

Choosing No Egg Flavours

This will ensure that your cake does not contain egg. While most of our flavours don’t contain egg there are a few that have egg products in the inclusions like cookies, Zabaglione and Nougat. Be assured, if you choose No Egg, then you won’t get these flavours in your selection.

Choosing No Gluten flavours

Your gelato cake will not contain products derived from wheat. Most of our flavours don’t contain gluten but there are a few that have gluten products in the inclusions like Cookies, Orio and Tim Tam. By choosing No Gluten, you can be assured we won’t add those flavours to your selection. Plus, we have gluten free cones and rolled wafers to decorate your cake with, so you will almost not notice the difference.

Choosing No Nut Flavours

We will ensure that we won’t include flavours and decorations that contain nuts. However, we want you to be extra careful and keep in mind that all our products are made in the same factory and often stored in the same freezer as products containing nuts, so traces can be a possibility. If you have guests that suffer anaphylaxis as a result of nuts, you should be extra careful and let them know in advance. We will note it on the cake box in case you forget.

Choosing No Dairy & Vegan flavours

If you don’t want dairy, no problem. We will ensure that we don’t include flavours that are made with dairy products. This range includes all our sorbet flavours and there are lots to choose from. We have even found an alternative cream made from coconut and vegetable extracts and a special dairy free chocolate is also used so you won’t even know its non dairy. It’s even great for a Vegan diet.

Sourcing those special products costs a little more so we have had to include an additional $5.50 for Gluten Free and $11.00 for the Dairy Free options. Our products are made with vegetable based stabilisers, so No Gelatine is used and, in all our gelato is plant based apart from fresh milk and cream.

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