Whether you’re a lover of our gelato, wanting to share the sensational taste with a friend, or you know someone who has already fallen in love with everything we have to offer; a gift of Pure Gelato is going to make the perfect present time after time.

It could be a birthday present, a wedding gift, a thank you gesture or even just a, ‘heck, go have a gelato on me’ treat. No matter what the occasion, one thing is for certain; the lucky recipient will not be disappointed.

How Do Pure Gelato Gifts Work?

Buy in store

There are two ways to purchase gifts with Pure Gelato. If you’re visiting us in store, you can buy a Gift Card over the counter.
Gift card can be loaded with any nominated amount. You’ll receive an actual plastic barcoded card, ready to be gifted as soon as you need.

Buy Online

Alternatively, you can order your Gift Vouchers online and we’ll either immediately email them to your nominated recipient, with a personalised message from yourself, or email them to you, allowing you to forward on, print out and present, or maybe even just decide to keep for yourself!

What Can Pure Gelato Gift Cards Be Used For?

The choice is yours… (Or theirs)
Vouchers or Cards can be used to indulge in any of the scrumptious treats available in our store or online, but they can just as easily pay for Pure Gelato products and accessories.

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